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Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Have quarry tile that is cracked, loose, and falling apart? Wouldn’t it be great to stop paying someone to re-grout every few months and get rid of that pool of water that just won’t go away? The problem is you can’t completely shut down for three or four (or more) days to do something about it. WE HAVE A SOLUTION! The very first floors we installed were put in OVER NIGHT, OVER TILE and cured in time for our customers to open the next day. We install the perfect system, while you sleep. When you’re ready to open, we’re done and out of the way. It couldn’t get any better!

Commercial Garage Flooring Jacksonville by Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring LLC

Commercial Flooring

Retail space need an entry with impact? Veterinary practice need a bacteria-resistant flooring solution? Healthcare facility need a waterproof, healthy flooring choice? Whatever your specific need, we’re the installer you’ll want. We work with the best manufacturers in the business to ensure you get the perfect product for your project.

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Residential and Garage

Whether in your garage, entry, modern kitchen or bath, or wherever you’d like to make a statement, metallic and solid colored epoxies may be the product for you. We work with several suppliers to be sure that we have the perfect product and color for your space.

EPOXY Floors

Mostly commercial, little focus on residential

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Orlando FL by Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring LLC

Concrete Finishes

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a relatively new & innovative eco-friendly flooring option. It uses a bare concrete slab, typically the building’s foundation, and transforms it to a decorative floor. The final product looks similar to a polished stone such as granite or slate. All products added to the concrete during the polishing process are intended to enhance the natural concrete, not cover or alter it. The final product has all the natural benefits of the original concrete slab, only it’s stronger and more resistant to staining.  


Concrete Polishing Services Orlando by Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring LLC


The Process of Polishing Concrete

The concrete polishing process is similar to sanding wood, but on a much larger scale. The initial grinding stages remove any dirt or coatings from the floor and remove the surface paste to expose the stronger concrete that lies beneath. The next grinding stages of finer grits refine the rough floor to a flat, level surface to ensure a consistent polish. And finally, the higher grit resin polishing diamonds are used to progressively bring the floor to a durable, high-gloss (or low-gloss if you prefer) finish. A densifier, which increases the strength and abrasion resistance, and a penetrating sealer, which acts as a stain shield, are applied to the floor at various stages throughout the process.


Concrete polishing is quickly becoming one of the most widely used flooring options for environmentally conscious architects, owners, and builders, and a top flooring option for LEED accredited projects. Its green benefits include:

  • All products meet or exceed LEED VOC content requirements
  • Uses the original building foundation – no excess materials, nothing to remove
  • No environmentally hazardous coatings, toppings or adhesives
  • No harsh chemicals can be used for cleaning – only green, PH neutral soaps and/or water
  • Increases ambient light reflectivity – reduces necessary amount of lighting and electricity use
  • 25+ year life expectancy with proper care and maintenance

Surface Prep & Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a good option for a slab with oil or other deep-penetrating stains that cannot be removed by grinding. It’s also a good option for flattening or leveling an uneven slab or slabs with excessive spalling or damage. The resurfacing products cure just like concrete to a light off-white color that is ideal for staining, dyeing, or integral color. They can even be ground and polished. Cement-based, self-leveling overlays can be used on both interior and exterior slabs. The overlays produce a smooth, strong surface with high bond strength. After application, the slab will be ready for foot traffic in 2 – 3 hours and ready for coatings, dyes and stains in about 12 hours.  

Concrete resurfacing typically requires a light grind to prep the floor for a good bond with the overlay If imperfections can be removed by grinding, surface preparation is usually a more inexpensive option.


Surface Prep and Resurfacing Services Orlando FL by Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring LLC

Surface Prep

Surface prep is a good option if you’re considering applying a dye or stain to your concrete floor. By lightly grinding the surface of the concrete, you will have a clean, porous slab which will produce a more vibrant, consistent, and longer-lasting color. A clean, porous slab will also allow the sealer to form a stronger bond with the concrete and will last longer.  

Surface prep is also used to remove existing paints, coatings, or flooring adhesives. Whether you’re prepping for decorative concrete or another type of flooring, we can grind through almost anything and leave you with a clean slate. We can grind to any level from a rough, abrasive surface for epoxies or other coatings, to very smooth for a stained concrete floor.    

Overlays are designed to provide a smooth finish over an existing structurally sound slab. They cannot be used on deteriorating slabs and are not designed as a repair method for bad concrete.


Concrete Stain and Seal - Concrete Finishing Orlando by Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring LLC

Concrete Stain & Seal

Grind/Dye & Seal is a simple and economical way to transform any concrete floor. Grind and seal the natural gray for a modern, contemporary look, or add color to brighten up a space. The use of different sealers can achieve anything from a matte, natural looking finish to a rich, high-gloss finish. A “wet look” sealer can be used to enhance the natural color of the concrete giving it a rich, dark, wet appearance. The design options are endless with the dye and seal system. Our color system has 22 standard colors, but almost any custom color can be created. The dyes and sealers are eco-friendly.


The Grind/Dye & Seal Process

Whether or not the floor will first need to be ground will vary. Grinding is typically not necessary on new slabs. Older slabs or slabs with existing flooring will typically need some level of grind to either clean them or remove old flooring material or adhesives. Stained concrete slabs needing refurbishing may need to be ground depending on the type of sealer originally used and the amount of sealer currently still on the floor. A light grind on any slab is never a bad idea, however, because it cleans the floor and removes the top coating to reveal a very porous surface allowing the dye to penetrate deeper.

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