Commercial Kitchen Flooring Services

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Services in Orlando, FL

Have quarry tiles that are cracked, loose, and falling apart? Wouldn’t it be great to stop paying someone to re-grout every few months and get rid of that pool of water that just won’t go away? The problem is you can’t completely shut down for three or four (or more) days to do something about it. At Rocket Resins, we have a solution! The very first floors we installed were put in overnight, over tile, and cured in time for our customers to open the next day. We install the perfect system while you sleep. When you’re ready to open, we’re done and out of the way. It couldn’t get any better!We utilize the JetRock® back of house material and the Dur-A-Flex® material. Get in touch with

our epoxy kitchen flooring installers in Orlando, FL, to schedule your service.

Top 5 Signs You Need New Kitchen Flooring

Commercial kitchen flooring can get damaged with time. To fix this, you should contact specialized floor contractors that can take care of this for you. Here are some signs that you should consider before initiating a flooring kitchen installation:


  • Water damage
  • Cracked or loose tiles
  • Slippery flooring
  • Buckled hardwood flooring
  • Uneven flooring


If some of these signs are present on your kitchen floor, it might be time to repair it or get a new commercial kitchen flooring installation. From commercial kitchen tile flooring to non slip commercial kitchen flooring, we do it all!

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