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At Rocket Resins, we use the latest technology and processes to ensure our concrete staining services are the best in Orlando, FL. Grind/Dye & Seal is a simple and affordable choice to transform your concrete floor. Grind and seal the natural gray, creating a modern, contemporary look or adding color to brighten a space. Different sealers can transform a matte, natural-looking finish into a rich, high-gloss finish. In addition, a “wet look” sealer can enhance the natural color of the concrete, giving it a rich, dark, wet appearance. The design options are endless! Our color system has many standard colors, but we can create almost any custom color. Moreover, the dyes and sealers are eco-friendly. If you’re near Orlando, FL, schedule an appointment with our flooring contractors today! Reach out to speak to a concrete staining contractor and learn more.

The Grind/Dye & Seal Process

The fact that the floor first needs to be ground can vary. Grinding is usually not necessary on new slabs. However, older slabs or slabs with existing flooring will typically need some level of grind to either clean them or eliminate old flooring material or adhesives. Stained concrete slabs needing refurbishment may need to be ground depending on the type of sealer used initially and the current amount of sealer on the floor. A light grind on any slab cleans the floor. It removes the top coating to reveal a very porous surface allowing the dye to penetrate deeper. As a concrete staining company, we always use Ameripolish® for all concrete staining services.

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