Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

Commercial Epoxy Floor Installation in Orlando, FL

Does your retail space need an entry with impact? Or a veterinary practice needs a bacteria-resistant flooring solution? Maybe Healthcare facilities need a waterproof, healthy flooring choice? Or a showroom floor needs to compliment your business’s product? And warehouses need a durable, slip-resistant floor? Whatever your specific need, at Rocket Resins, we’re the installer you’ll want. We work with the best manufacturers in the business to ensure you get the perfect product for your project. We install Dur-A-Flex®, JetRock®, and Sherwin-Williams® material. Get in touch with our contractors for an epoxy floor installation in Orlando, FL, to schedule an appointment!

Protect Your Property by Getting Epoxy Flooring

Getting resistant and durable flooring doesn’t have to be a hard task if you’re getting advice from equipped flooring contractors. If you’re looking for epoxy flooring companies, work with us at Rocket Resins. At Rocket Resins, we’ve gained expertise working with commercial epoxy flooring for more than 6 years and can walk you through your options to choose the right fit for your business. 


If you’re searching for a non-slippery, versatile, and shiny floor, then epoxy flooring should be at the top of your list. It is a popular customizable option for industrial and commercial floors that cures fast, allowing us to deliver the work on time. Our epoxy floor coating contractors can help produce quality outputs that you will love. On top of that, getting epoxy flooring installed can bring the following benefits:


  • Easily cleanable surface
  • Reduced repair costs
  • Durable flooring
  • Resistant flooring
  • Safer flooring

Get It Installed by Our Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Whether in your garage, entry, modern kitchen or bath, or wherever you’d like to make a statement, metallic and solid-colored epoxies may be the product for you. We work with several suppliers to ensure that we have the perfect product and color for your space. If you’re interested in getting epoxy floor installation, contact our team in Orlando, FL. We will be glad to help you and will suggest suitable flooring for your project. Call (407) 868-9739 and get personalized service.


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