Featured Partner April, 2018 – General Polymers (Sherwin-Williams)

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A short interview with Danny Zimboski, our Director of Sales & Marketing regarding our Featured Partner of the Month for April 2018:

Q: We’ve started a new relationship with General Polymers. What will we be doing with them?

A: Our General Polymers representative (Herb Mimler) and we have come together to create what we’re going to offer as our residential garage floor program.

Q: Will we only install garage floors or can we work throughout homes?

A: We’ll be focusing on garage floors because of the current high demand, however, there are products available and that we’ve been trained to install for any area in the home.

Q: How long does our process take?

A: Depending on the system that the customer chooses, we can have their garage floor returned to them as early as the same day.

Q: What systems are available?

A: We have several systems available through General Polymers specifically chosen for their popularity. The first is the very common flake broadcast system. Another would be a metallic floor. These have become very popular and have a ton of colors that we can combine to make very custom and always unique designs.

Q: How should interested customers arrange for an estimate?

A: The best way is to request an estimate via our website, or call the office directly at 407-868-9739.