Concrete Surface Preparation & Resurfacing Services

Experienced Concrete Surface Services in Orlando, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Have you ever wondered which material would make your building more durable? Concrete is frequently used in the construction industry. It allows different types of uses and finishes, which is why, at Rocket Resins, concrete is one of the preferred materials for both residential and commercial owners. With more than 6 years of experience, our company has mastered the concrete surface preparation process and resurfacing services. Additionally, we use RetroPlate® and Sherwin-Williams® products that give the desired finish you were looking for.

Reasons Why Concrete Surfaces Are the Favorite Choice of Property Owners

There are different types of uses for concrete, especially referring to concrete surface preparation and resurfacing services. If you’re still thinking about which fits best your needs, you can look at some of the scenarios where our company uses both:


Concrete surface preparation:

  • Leveling uneven slabs or tiles.
  • Removing imperfections from constructions.
  • Providing smooth finishing. 


Resurfacing services:

  • Applying types of pigment to your current floor.
  • Removing existing stains or adhesives.
  • Providing smooth finishing. 

Let Us Guide You Through Your Options

If you’re looking for an experienced company that can walk you through your options for your project, you should consider giving us a call. Contact Rocket Resins at (407) 868-9739. Our team will be delighted to work with you. Remember to ask for a free estimate!

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This flooring is anazing. The installation crew was very professional. Jet Rock vs. Tile? Jet Rock!

Adam B.

Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring was an excellent subcontractor for Dooley Mack of GA. They were well prepared for an out... read more

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They work with you to find out what suits your needs best, would highly recommend. Great service and selection of products!

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