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Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring LLC - Epoxy Flooring Installers in Orlando, FL

Residential – No doubt you’ve seen images on Pintrest, Houzz, etc of beautiful metallic or flake floors in homes, businesses, garages, etc. There are many manufacturers and resellers of these products. It can be quite confusing and making the wrong choice can be costly.

That’s where we come in – RocketResins is an Orlando-based installer of epoxy, resinous, and cementitious flooring, serving 37 counties in Florida.

As we were developing our vision for Rocket Resins, we recognized that one of the problems with the industry is that many installers (who receive the first contact from an interested customer) have exclusive relationships with particular manufacturers or resellers. This creates a situation that ends with a customer being offered the best solution among a specific product line, not necessarily the best product available.

We wanted to do things differently. Being created by RF Mannarino Contracting Co gave us the framework by which we built our philosophy. In the world of high-end commercial and residential renovations, contractors don’t work exclusively with one product line. The contractor’s job is to find the best solution to the home or business owner’s project, at the best price possible. We decided that Rocket Resins would follow a similar mindset.

To that end, we diligently research products to ensure that our customers are matched with the best solution for their specific product. We purposefully work with several vendors in order to keep our loyalty where it belongs…with our customers.

Commercial – In commercial applications, we work with General Contractors, builders, architects, engineers, ownership, and anyone who has a voice in the final outcome of flooring finishes in a confident and professional manner. We have been trained to install or apply most of the products that are specified and have partnered with most of the manufacturers that you will specify in your plans to earn certification when necessary to install their product(s). We have the experience and professionalism to get the job done to specifications and at a fair budget.

We are positive that our commitment to quality planning, preparation, and product installation will equate to a great experience for each of our customers.

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