What Makes Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring Stand Out

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About Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring
We are a commercial flooring contractor in Orlando, Florida specializing in installing epoxy floor systems and polished concrete. Our firm has been involved in high-end residential remodeling for more than twenty years, and have been installing epoxy flooring for five years.

We are proud to be the only certified installer of JetRock flooring in Central Florida, and also have certifications to install other leading brands such as Elite Crete, Lanco, Sherwin-Williams, General Polymers, and which offers our clients multiple options.

We serve clients across the South-eastern US region, and while most of the work is confined to Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa/St. Pete area, we have been known to travel as far as Tennessee. To date, we have installed epoxy flooring in nine different states. 

The Rocket Resins Commercial Flooring Difference
Many installers pick a single manufacturer or product line and turn that into their business model. They hope that the customer is impressed with their meager prices, but it doesn’t allow customers to get the best possible solution.

However, from the initial contact to the final walk-through, we offer a more customer-focused approach, and one aspect that makes us second to none is our flexibility. It stems from having a thorough understanding of the construction industry and its complex processes.

We use the JetRock system in the back of the house applications and provide a project plan that allows a business to remain operational while the work gets completed.

What also sets us apart from the rest is that our hard-working crew gets the job done on time and in the correct manner specified. We have the capabilities to field up to two crews of four to five, as we have full-time and project-based support staff.

Additionally, we rotate workers to keep them fresh, which ensures that the customer gets to witness a beautiful transformation. Some of the epoxy types we install are hand trowelled, which requires seamless teamwork, and exemplifies our acumen.

Our crew has received specialized training from not only JetRock and other epoxy manufacturers. It includes Elite Crete, which we typically install in commercial settings and the front of the house for restaurants to achieve successful outcomes.

One of our most significant achievements has been completing projects for well-established businesses. We’ve worked with the likes of Westgate Resorts, Dave & Buster’s, Marriott, Hyatt, Disney, Universal Studios, KFC, Bravo Supermarkets to name just a few.

Our dream for the future is to continue to work closely with our manufacturing partners, broaden our skill-set, and become certified and approved to install floor systems that fit our business model so we can continue to be honest with our end-users.

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