Featured Partner March, 2018 – JetRock

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A short interview with Danny Zimboski, our Director of Sales & Marketing regarding our Featured Partner of the Month for March 2018:

Q: JetRock is our very first Partner of the Month. How did we settle on them?

A: JetRock was the very first epoxy manufacturer that we partnered with in business and it felt right that they would be the first choice to feature on the website. They have been a great business partner from the beginning and we’ve worked with them for several years now. Working with their team is easy and straight-forward. They are so engaged with building the customer base that it makes the job of Certified Installer an easy one. The fact that the product is great doesn’t hurt, either.

Q: What do we use JetRock for? In what settings do we typically recommend JetRock to our customers?

A: One of the great things about JetRock customers is that they are already JetRock customers. In that, I mean that typically, we don’t have to recommend JetRock. The customer asks us for it. When we do encounter a customer who truly doesn’t know what to do with a problem tile kitchen floor, we’ll typically recommend JetRock. It’s not an easy product to install, but the end result is a truly seamless solution to the biggest problem that most kitchens face. They don’t want to shut down. There isn’t really enough profit in most kitchens to shut down for several days while we resurface their floor. With JetRock, we come in when they close, work while they’re gone and leave with enough time for the product to cure before they open again the next day.

Q: What about new construction?

A: New construction is a great time to install JetRock. If it’s put in at the beginning, the ownership gets to avoid all the headaches that lead to them eventually calling JetRock anyway.

Q: How is JetRock installed?

A: It’s certainly not easy. If we were trying to recommend the simplest to install, we could pick another product. It’s a trowel-down product that is combined prior to application. This means that we essentially only have one step. That, combined with the 6-8 hour cure time is how we can get things done overnight.

Q: Where else might we use JetRock?

A: JetRock would also be a good solution for any application where we would need a non-slip application, such as a retirement community in their bathing areas.

Q: What’s the best way for someone to get an estimate on having a JetRock floor installed?

A: There are two ways. They can reach out to us or JetRock directly. In any situation where the customer may have a nationwide presence, they should definitely reach out to JetRock directly for national pricing.